Fresh cheese made from cow milk

Fresh cheese made of milk kefir can be easily prepared at home. It must be strained long enough so it can become more hard and dry which makes it easy to slice. Fresh cheese made at home can be as delicious as store bought, so you should definitely try making it.
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  • 2 l (68 oz) milk
  • 2 tsp rennet

Prepare fresh cheese

Heat the milk until lukewarm. Put in the rennet, remove from the heat and stir. Leave overnight to thicken. The second day pour it into bigger colander and cover with cloth. Save the liquid that strains – whey. You will use it afterwards to store the fresh cheese in it. Wrap the cheese in cloth and hang it to strain. After 6-10 hrs put the cheese into Kefirko Cheese Maker. You can put herbs and spices at this time. Put salt on the top and attach the pressing spring to make harder cheese. Put it into the fridge overnight or for a day or two. When you’re happy with the consistency take the cheese out. Be careful when opening the lid because of the spring tension, the lid may jump up when opening.

You can serve it with a drizzle of olive oil, honey, with tomatoes cut into pieces over the salad. It’s also great to prepare it on the grill.

The whey is packed with proteins and can be used in smoothies. Definitely don’t discard this healthy beverage.

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