Greek yogurt you can make at home

Greek yogurt has more fat than regular yogurt but you can make it with regular yogurt to. It's delicious by itself or in combination with different fresh or dried fruits.
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greek yogurt


  • 1 regular yogurt

Easy preparation of Greek yogurt 

Use the yogurt with more fat to get creamier and more tasty Greek yogurt. Put the yogurt into Cheese Maker and leave it in the fridge for at least 5 hrs to strain. You should get a thick yogurt. Greek yogurt is much more creamier than regular one and it looses the acidity of the regular one.

You can use this dairy product for cooking or serve it with walnuts, honey and fruit just like the Greeks.

Greek yogurt is very beneficial for health because it’s rich in:

  • calcium
  • iodine
  • probiotics
  • protein
  • vitamin B-12

Because it’s rich in proteins it makes you feel full for a longer time. This may help with weight loss too because it can reduce the number of snacks usually eaten between meals.

Good bacteria in the yogurt can help you restore gut balance. This makes positive effect on general well-being and immunity.

Proteins are useful in muscle building. This is the reason that this dish is a better choice when you are active or doing sports. It’s a perfect for an after workout meal.

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