Ice coffee you can brew at home

Are you a coffee lover always looking for that perfect cup of coffee? You can drink this coffee hot or use it to prepare delicious iced coffee. Add some milk for a perfect latte.
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ice coffee

Ingredients for ice coffee:

  • ground coffee
  • water
  • sugar (optional)
  • ice cubes
  • cream or condensed milk
  • ice cream

Prepare your morning ice coffee with Cheese Maker

Put the appropriate amount of coffee into the mesh basket of Kefirko CheeseMaker. Slowly pour the hot water (not more than 80 °C/175 °F) over it and use the pressing spring to press on it. Wait until the liquid strains through and the coffee sediments remain in the mesh basket.

Add sugar to taste and few cubes of ice to the coffee to make iced coffee. Flavour it with cream or condensed milk a few scoops of ice cream and enjoy the treat.

You can experiment with ingredients and quantities in this recipe to prepare the best coffee for you.

See more ideas for beverages made with Cheese Maker here.

Note, coffee may with time colour the white mesh basket of the product. Make sure you thoroughly clean it after each use. Slight discoloration will not affect other food you make with this product. If you prepare coffee often, think about using one filter only for coffee preparation.

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