Kefir Cheese you can make yourself

Delicious cream kefir cheese that you can use as a spread for breakfast or with spices for a beautiful cheese plate you serve in the evening. Prepare with milk kefir to make it even more healthy.
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  • 0,6 l (20 oz) milk kefir

Kefir cheese is made of milk kefir

To prepare this recipe you will first need to make milk kefir. Ferment the milk using milk kefir grains. Choose the best ingredients from the start to make sure you get the best results. Pour one batch of the milk kefir in the mesh basket of Kefirko Cheese Maker and cover with the top lid. Leave to strain for 24 hrs in the fridge. Once the kefir cheese is thick enough for your taste, take it out of the mesh basket.

Shape the cheese with spoon and roll it in chopped nuts, herbs or dry fruit. Serve with bread or crackers. 

You can store cream kefir cheese a few days in the fridge but it’s best to use is sooner than later. Because of the fermentation, the cheese may become more sour every passing day. 

Flavouring ideas for:

  • chopped walnuts and chocolate, ground cinnamon
  • ground chilli and pepper, chopped herbs
  • chopped dry raspberries and pistachios
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