Sourdough bread with kefir and whey

Sourdough bread is made without commercial yeast. Instead you prepare your own yeast or sourdough starter in the Kefirko jar. This type of bread is great for digestion.
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sourdough bread

Sourdough culture:

  • 1 tbsp rye flour
  • 3 tbsp white manitoba flour
  • 200 ml (8 oz) milk kefir
  • 1 tsp sugar


  • 100 g (3,5 oz) sourdough culture
  • 500 g (17,5 oz) manitoba flour
  • 300 g (10,5 oz) whey
  • 10 g (0,4 oz) salt

Sourdough bread starter preparation

Mix all ingredients and put them into Kefirko glass jar. Cover with top lid and leave in warm place 6-24 hrs. If the room is not as warm, the time it takes to ferment is longer. You can put it near the heat source to make this happen faster. When the bubbles appear, the mix is ready to use for making the bread.

Time for the sourdough bread

Sift the flour into a bigger bowl. Add the whey and sourdough culture and knead for at least 20 min. Cover and leave to rest for one hour. Add the salt then knead again. Cover with kitchen foil and leave to rise for 2-3 hrs. 

Sprinkle some flour on the kitchen top and gently turn over the dough on the table using spatula. Start pulling the ends of the bread apart then attach them to the middle. Repeat few times until the bottom of the dough becomes a bit tighter. Put the dough in cloth-covered basket with the part of the bread with attached ends on the top. Cover with foil and leave to rise in the fridge for 17- 30 hrs. 

Take the dough out of the fridge and leave it covered at room temperature for 2 hrs. Heat the oven to 240 °C (470 °F). Put in a baking dish with water on the bottom of the oven to get some steam. When the oven is heated start preparing the bread. Flour the top of the baking dish and gently turn the dough on it. Make some cuts on the top so the bread doesn’t break while baking. When you put the bread into the oven lower the heat to 220 °C (430 °F). Bake for approx. 40 min. You will know the bread is done when there is a hollow sound when you knock on it. Cool it down on the rack before serving.

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