Fennel sauerkraut is a variation of cabbage sauerkraut. It's a great way to preserve fennel when it's in season. We can eat it later on packed with probiotics.
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fennel sauerkraut


  • 1,5 kg (3 lbs 4 oz) of fennel
  • 1 onion
  • 1 pink pomelo (or 2 yellow lemons)
  • 15 g (3 tsp) of salt

Fennel sauerkraut preparation

Eliminate the hard parts of the fennel, then finely chop the bulbs. Save the green sprigs if there are any. You should get about 1 kg of fennel. Peel and mince the onion. Cut the pomelo in quarters, remove the seeds and the central white membrane then cut it into thin slices. Add them with the fennel. Weigh everything and prepare 1% salt. 

Combine the vegetables with the salt in a large bowl. Leave to rest for 15 minutes. Mix again by squeezing everything with your hands to release the juice. You must have wet hands. Fill the fermenter with the vegetables and juice, packing tightly between each layer. The juice should rise and submerge the fennel when you press. Fill to the top line of the Kefirko jar. Place the weight, spring and cover. Close tightly. 

Leave for 7 days at room temperature, then ideally put in a cool room. Can be consumed after 7 days. Fennel sauerkraut can be kept for about 6 months. The texture becomes softer over time.

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