Fermented lemons in brine can be used in baking, with drinking water or lemonade. They will refresh you and boost your gut health with beneficial bacteria.
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fermented lemons

Ingredients for fermented lemons:

  • lemons
  • salt
  • water

Fermented lemons preparation

Wash the lemons well. Cut off the ends and slice them into quarters then each piece to half. Put all the slices into the jar. Pour water to the rim then weigh the jar. Subtract the weight of the jar to add 2 % salt based on the weight of the entire content of the jar. Pour water back into a bowl and dissolve the salt in it. Then pour the brine back into the jar.

Seal the jar well and put the glass weight on the lemons. Make sure it keeps the lemons submerged. Pump out the air with the help of a silicone pump.

Ferment for up to 4 weeks. Then store sealed jars in the refrigerator. You can put the content into smaller jars and store it that way.

Fermented lemons retain the lemon flavour. The fermented liquid is also a great rehydration drink. The lemons are very tasty and can be used together with liquid for second fermentation of water kefir. They are also great in baking, in fresh drinking water, lemonade or any other way you would use fresh lemons.

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