Basic kombucha vinegar is made with simple kombucha brewed with green or black tea. The sourness is achieved with prolongation of the fermentation process.
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Basic kombucha vinegar ingredients:

  • 500ml – 1000ml kombucha
  • bottles with caps

How to prepare basic kombucha vinegar?

Make the usual batch of black or green tea kombucha as described in the original recipe. Put the jar in a warm place (21-25 °C) and make sure to keep it out of direct sunlight. Then simply leave it to ferment much longer, about 30-60 days. 

After 4 weeks you can start tasting it. When you are satisfied with the level of acidity and tartness, strain your vinegar and store it in a sealed bottle to use when necessary.

How to use kombucha vinegar?

Use the same way you would use vinegar based on fruit (apple) or alcohol. For dressing in salads or to season any other food like stews.

You an also use the kombucha vinegar for cleaning. Make sure it’s really sour, so the fermentation must be very long. Store it in bottles with spray attachment. Use it as you would any other cleaner. Spray it over a dirty surface, wait a couple of minutes then clean it with a cloth or sponge. You can see more recipes for kombucha cleaners here.

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Products used to prepare this recipe:

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