HEMP seed oil kombucha

Hemp kombucha is regular kombucha with added seed oil. Because of it's many health benefits hemp oil is considered a great supplement that we should consume every day.
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hemp kombucha

Ingredients for hemp kombucha:

  • 250 ml basic fermented kombucha
  • 1-1,5 tsp organic hemp seed oil

Hemp kombucha preparation

Get all the benefits of kombucha with added features of cannabidiol (CBD) by infusing the kombucha with the earthy taste of hemp oil. You can use regular kombucha that you brewed or get more taste with kombucha that was second fermented with fruits and/or herbs.

Use any fruit you like. Here are some recommendations:

  • ginger and lemon
  • raspberries and mint
  • strawberry and basil

Take a portion of kombucha that you will drink, about 100-250 ml. Stir in a teaspoon (and a half) of oil and stir. Oil will not dissolve in the kombucha, so you may have to stir it while drinking it too.

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