Hot chili vinaigrette is prepared with kombucha vinegar. We added honey and mustard combination which create a distinctive combination that goes well with everything.
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hot chili


Hot chili vinaigrette preparation

Whisk all ingredients together until combined. This dressing can be used as meat marinade, salad dressing or as your favourite topping on a burrito.

My vinaigrette tastes weird

If your vinaigrette tastes weird, there may be something wrong with one of the ingredient. The most common cause is probably kombucha. If this happens, think about what kind of changes you made during the preparation of kombucha. Did you use different ingredients? If you use tap water, were there any changes in the water system? Water has many microorganisms in it, they may not be harmful to people but when introduced tot he live microorganisms in kombucha, there might be a clash.

There is also a possibility that you kombucha culture is off. Most often when this happens, you can see visible signs like mold on the SCOBY. This culture is defective and you need to discard it immediately. If there is no visible sign, it may happen that the culture is dead and it does not ferment anymore. You should get a new one and start over.

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