JUN kombucha with honey

JUN kombucha uses honey instead of sugar for fermentation. Depending on the flavour of honey it can be very potent. We used raw organic honey.
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jun kombucha


  • 0,9 l water
  • 4 g organic green tea
  • 80 ml raw organic honey
  • 100 ml jun kombucha starter
  • jun kombucha SCOBY

Jun kombucha preparation

First boil 200 ml of water, take it off the heat, add tea and let steep for 3-5 minutes (depends on the tea you are using). Strain the liquid into a large jar. Top up with room temperature water. Stir in honey until completely dissolved. When it cools down completely, add jun kombucha starter and SCOBY. Cover jar with a lid that enables airflow or a cloth. Let ferment at room temperature (20-24 °C), 5-8 days.

What place is best for fermentation?

It’s best to find a place on your counter or in the kitchen cabinet where kombucha will not be in contact with possible contaminants, like fruit and bread. Don’t put it in a cold place because kombucha needs a warm environment to ferment.

Why it’s important to enable airflow?

During the fermentation process there are some chemical processes happening where gas is produced. That is why it’s important to enable airflow. This helps prevent bottle explosions which is quite common with kombucha brewing.

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