Pear lemon kombucha is fermented with fresh pear slices. This gives your kombucha unique fruity taste. We added some mint because it goes well with everything and makes it even more refreshing.
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pear lemon

Ingredients for pear lemon kombucha:

  • 1 l basic kombucha
  • 100 ml pear juice
  • 50 ml lemon juice
  • few lemon slices
  • fresh mint leaves

Pear lemon kombucha preparation

Add all ingredients to kombucha. Cover with airtight lid. Ferment 1-2 days, room temperature. Chill before serving.

Alcohol level in kombucha is very low!

Kombucha does contain some alcohol but this does not mean it can be thrown in the same bag as other alcoholic beverages. The amount of alcohol in kombucha is estimated around 0,5% but usually is below that value. You can measure the amount of alcohol in your kombucha using the refractometer that is also used in winemaking.

Sometimes the level of alcohol may rise up when using fruit juice for second fermentation. So, it’s important not to use too much of fruit juice for this process. Only up to 10%  of beverage should be juice. Otherwise there is too much sugar and during fermentation this processes to alcohol. If there is too much alcohol, bacteria cannot manage to process it into acidic acid when completing the fermentation process.

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