Pomegranate gin lemonade

Pomegranate gin lemonade is prepared with lemonade kombucha to which we added pomegranate juice. It's refreshing and colourful drink that you can make for your guests.
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Ingredients for pomegranate gin:

(2 servings)

Pomegranate gin preparation

Prepare kombucha as per recipe. Airtight bottles are very important for the successful second fermentation of kombucha, especially if you want more CO2 in your drink. Bottles with a swing top are a good choice. Pour pomegranate lemonade kombucha and gin in a Kefirko jar and mix well. Strain into chilled glasses, then top with crushed ice and some pomegranate arils. 

Isn’t kombucha already an alcoholic beverage?

Kombucha does contain some alcohol but this does not mean it can be thrown in the same bag as other alcoholic beverages. The amount of alcohol in kombucha is estimated around 0,5% but usually it’s below that value. You can measure the amount of alcohol in your kombucha using the refractometer that is also used in winemaking.

The more kombucha ferments, the more alcohol it contains. At the beginning, once the sugar is added and fermentation starts, there is only a trace of alcohol in kombucha, with time and especially if you add lots of fresh juice or fruit, the alcohol amount can increase.

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