Rosemary jun lemonade with kombucha is a distinctive flavoured drink. Few sprigs of rosemary make all the difference here so don't skip this ingredient.
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rosemary jun


  • 1 l jun kombucha
  • 100 ml freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • few organic lemon slices
  • fresh rosemary
  • ice cubes to serve

Rosemary jun lemonade preparation

Add all ingredients to kombucha. Cover with airtight lid. Ferment 1-2 days, room temperature. Chill before serving. Add some fresh rosemary sprigs.

It’s important to cap the bottles during second fermentation. In this case you will retain all the bubbles and the flavours in the bottle. Kombucha will continue to ferment even though you removed the SCOBY but it will become more carbonized every day. Because you used fruit juice, the microorganisms in the kombucha will have enough sugar to continue fermentation.

What is the optimal temperature for fermentation?

Recommended temperature for kombucha making is between 21 and 25°C. Anything below that will slow down the fermentation and higher temperatures will sped it up. Higher temperatures are also optimal for yeast development, that you can see as brown strains on the SCOBY and in kombucha as well. Too much yeast in kombucha changes the balance and affects the taste too.

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