Creamy kefir spread with cinnamon is a sweet version of kefir. This is great for breakfast on bread or with pancakes. Definitely a recipe that kids will approve of.
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Creamy kefir


  • 100 g creamy kefir, left on a sieve for 6–8 hours
  • 1 banana
  • 1 bar of quality chocolate
  • homemade rye bread or homemade brown and rye flour bread

Creamy kefir recipe

Prepare milk kefir

Put active milk kefir grains into the jar and pour over with milk. Cover and leave to ferment for 24 hours. You can leave it longer if you want kefir to be more sour. Next day strain the kefir. You can strain it directly into the Cheese Maker with integrated mesh basket. Again cover the jar and put it into the fridge for a couple of hours or overnight. Wait for the right consistency of your kefir spread. 

Spread the creamy kefir on slices of bread. It’s even better if you toast the bread first. Sprinkle with ground chocolate and garnish with banana slices. Serve with a chocolate kefir drink.

Alternative would be to mash the banana first and mix it with kefir spread. Use a ripe banana for this, so you will be able to easily combine it with kefir using a fork. If you want the best consistency you can also use the blender.

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