Fizzy orangeade with freshly squeezed oranges

Ferment freshly squeezed orange juice with water kefir grains to get this refreshing sweet fizzy orangeade that can replace soft drinks. When using fresh juice you don't need to use extra sugar for fermentation.
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  • 6–8 tbsp water kefir grains (tibicos)
  • 4 dcl orange juice + 4 dcl water;
    another option: 8 dcl cold water
  • 4 cubes crystallized stem ginger or
  • 6 candied orange peels
  • 1 twig of mint

Freshly squeezed orange juice should be mixed with an equal amount of water; otherwise it will ferment into alcohol. If you use orange nectar (either store-bought or homemade), no additional sugar is needed to feed the bacteria. Also, you do not need to dilute the nectar with water, since it will not ferment into alcohol. If you have no oranges, plain water may be used. 

Ferment fizzy orangeade

Use a glass jar that can be sealed airtight. First, you need something sugary to feed the bacteria: candied peels, crystallized stem ginger, sugar, etc. Add mint for freshness. Add water kefir grains, fill with cold water and seal the jar. Leave it on the kitchen counter for 1–2 days, keeping it away from direct sunlight. During this time, shake the container frequently, but do not open it. 

When the beverage is fizzy enough, pour it into a glass bottle through a sieve. If the beverage was made with water, add juice, and seal it right away. Keep it in the refrigerator and serve cold. If the fizzy orangeade was made with juice, just sieve it and seal it right away. 

Rinse the water kefir grains under cold running water to remove fruit and other remains. The grains are now ready to be used again to ferment water kefir. The fizziness depends on how active the bacteria are – and this depends on the sugar content and fermentation time.

Warning: You should use a high-quality pressure resistant glass jar to avoid cracking and breakage.

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