Natural flavoured probiotic soda

Probiotic soda can be an excellent substitute for soft drinks because it contains very little to nothing sugar and has many other benefits. Made with water kefir serves as a refreshment and a great source of positive bacteria for the gut.
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  • 4 tbsp water kefir grains (tibicos)
  • 8–10 dcl cold water (other options: fruit/vegetable juice,
    syrup, coconut water, etc.)
  • sugar (you can also use dates, candied ginger stem or candied citrus peels, fruit juices, syrups, etc., instead)

Fermentation time of probiotic soda: 1–2 days
Use a glass jar that can be sealed airtight.

Rinse the water kefir grains thoroughly under cold running water and put them into the jar. Add something sugary to feed the bacteria: either 2 tbsp sugar or 5 dates or 6 cubes crystallized stem ginger or 50 ml fruit syrup, etc. The more sugar you use, the fizzier your soda will be. Add any other de- sired flavouring (like mint, for example). Fresh fruit, vegetables or flavouring should always be completely covered with water; otherwise they will begin to decay. Seal the jar well and leave it on the kitchen counter, away from direct sunlight for 1–2 days. The fermentation time and intensity depend on the amount of sugar and temperature. In the meantime, shake the container several times, but do not open it.

Warning: The jar might crack and/or break because of the CO2 if you leave it for too long, expose it to direct sunlight or add too much sugar.

After 1–2 days, pour your probiotic soda through a plastic sieve. With your hands clean, remove all the fruit, vegetable, etc., remains from the water kefir grains. Pour the soda into a clean glass bottle, seal it and keep it in the refrigerator. Use within 3–4 days.

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