Probiotic champagne for children

Want to celebrate a special event with your kids? Make a toast with this delicious and healthy probiotic champagne. Why should kids be left out, when they can enjoy a sparkling delight with you. Come to think of it, even the adults may like this version better than the "adult" one.
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Ingredients for probiotic champagne:

  • 8 dcl water
  • 6–8 tbsp water kefir grains (tibicos)
  • 4 cubes crystallized stem ginger
  • 1 twig of mint
  • elderflower syrup

Plan ahead for the probiotic champagne because it takes a few days to ferment.

Put rinsed water kefir grains, crystallized stem ginger and mint into a glass jar. Add cold water. Seal the jar well and leave it on the kitchen counter, away from direct sunlight for 1–2 days. The fermentation time and intensity depend on the amount of sugar and temperature. 

In the meantime, shake the container several times, but do not open it. After 1–2 days, pour your soda through a plastic sieve into a glass bottle. Add elderflower syrup and seal the bottle right away. Keep the bottle in the refrigerator. Rinse the water kefir grains under cold running water to remove fruit and other remains. Decorate with fresh raspberries and mint before serving.

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Products used to prepare this recipe:

chive spread

Kefir Fermenter

Organic Water Kefir Grains

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