Whole grain sourdough starter

This is a simple recipe for a whole grain sourdough starter, which will add a special aroma to your whole wheat bread. It is made with only two ingredients and once it is ready is easy to maintain. You can simply store it in the refrigerator, feed it regularly and then use it when you need it.
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  • 30 g of whole grain flour (whole wheat, rye, or a mixture)
  • 25 ml of water


  1. Day 1: In a jar, combine 30 grams of whole grain flour and 25 ml of water. Stir well until there are no dry pockets of flour. The consistency should be similar to a thick pancake batter. Loosely cover the jar and let sit for 24 hours.
  2. Day 2: Discard half of the mixture, leaving about 30 grams in the jar. Add 30 grams of fresh whole grain flour and 25 ml of water. Stir well to incorporate. Loosely cover the jar again.
  3. Day 3-7: Repeat the process of discarding half of the mixture and adding 30 grams of fresh whole grain flour and 25 ml of water daily. Stir well each time and cover the jar loosely. You may notice more bubbles and a tangy aroma developing as the wild yeast and lactobacilli become more active.
  4. Day 8 onwards: Your sourdough starter should now be active and ready to use. It should have a pleasant sour aroma, a bubbly texture, and rise in volume after feedings. You can now start using it in sourdough recipes or continue feeding it regularly to maintain its vitality.

Remember to discard a portion of the starter before each feeding to prevent it from becoming too large. You can adjust the feeding amounts based on your needs, but it’s crucial to maintain a consistent ratio of flour and water (1:1 by weight) to keep the starter healthy.

With this simplified whole grain sourdough starter, you can enjoy the depth of flavor and nutritional benefits it brings to your homemade bread and other sourdough creations. Happy baking!

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